Chemical Peels


Chemical peels

How a chemical peel procedure is carried out

Benefits of a chemical peel

A chemical peel has various benefits attached which range from psychological, social and mental benefits. 
  1. Improved self esteem
  2. Healing of the physical body
  3. Smooth, radiant and youthful look
  4. New look and fresh beauty increasing self confidence
  5. Improved social relationships due to less attention on conditions like scars and wrinkles. 
Chemical peels have more benefits that limitations or negative effects. Possible complications vary from one individual to the next depending on medical history, prevailing medical conditions, genetic make-up and personal body reaction to different chemicals. 
These includes;-
Most of the possible risks can be countered by the doctor by drug prescriptions. 
Best candidate for a chemical peel
A chemical peel can be a cosmetic or medical procedure depending on individual needs. 
These needs includes:-
A chemical peel responds well on light-haired and light skinned people. Darker skins also respond well depending on the condition and needs of the patient.